• 12.02.2014

    Leaders focus on talent!

    After competency management and focus on high potentials, talent has, over the past few years, become the obsession of the HR departments.
  • 08.03.2012

    The business leader’s time

    Among the biggest challenges facing business leaders, as identified by Visconti, the lack of availability is without a doubt the most patent.
  • 16.01.2012

    Always ready !

    A turnaround plan simply means facing up to the crisis and bouncing back to set the company back on a more ambitious path.
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Leaders coaching leaders

VISCONTI has developed coaching for leaders by leaders in view of meeting specific management challenges, both in large groups, SMEs, associations and institutions.

Through coaching, the business leader develops his skills and the value of the structure he manages.

We assist managers and their teams in all phases of company development (start-up, growth, stagnation, decline) and at each stage of their personal trajectory (from taking up a position, while performing, evolving to another position).

VISCONTI coaching is based on its own methods developed in-house to meet specific management challenges of the business leader as key decision and action point of his company.


Examples of challenges we work on with business leaders :

VISCONTI has developed and offers innovative professional coaching: leaders coaching leaders. All VISCONTI coaches are or were business leaders who occupied management posts in small and mid-sized companies or large international groups.