• 12.07.2016

    Private Equity and the company : a winning choregraphy

    These are exciting times for entrepreneurs and Private Equity teams but how do you master the challenges of critical mass and the urgency to strengthen management and operations? Let VISCONTI help ! A memo by Patrick Buffet, executive coach at VISCONTI.
  • 14.03.2016

    Is Your Website Adding Its Fullest Value?

    Asking if you have a website is no longer a necessary question for most companies today. The internet dominates our daily lives when buying on-line, informing ourselves on-line, working on-line or entertaining ourselves on-line (...). A memo by Charles Upchurch, executive coach at VISCONTI.
  • 12.02.2016

    CEO: are you helping to build a cathedral, too?

    A man enters a construction site where three bricklayers are busily at work. From afar, they do not differ from each other (...). A memo by Doris Strohmaier, executive coach at VISCONTI
  • 12.02.2016

    CEOs’ luck: Coincidence or Perseverance?

    People who are successful have been lucky. They were at the right time at the right place and have met the right people there (...). A memo by Doris Strohmaier, executive coach at VISCONTI.
  • 26.01.2016

    CEOs: how to make the most of your managers’ talents?

    Mr. Sugarbeard? A terribly difficult person. On the one hand, he is an excellent technician, on the other he is a misfit and unable to express himself clearly. (...) By Doris Strohmaier
  • 26.01.2016

    CEOs and disruptive innovation: “And suddenly, everything was different…”

    …this is how experienced managers describe disruptive innovations, i.e. those reforms that roll like an avalanche over the tried and trusted and establish new laws on the market (...). By Doris Strohmaier, executive coach at VISCONTI.
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Leaders coaching leaders

VISCONTI has developed coaching for leaders by leaders in view of meeting specific management challenges, both in large groups, SMEs, associations and institutions.

Through coaching, the business leader develops his skills and the value of the structure he manages.

We assist managers and their teams in all phases of company development (start-up, growth, stagnation, decline) and at each stage of their personal trajectory (from taking up a position, while performing, evolving to another position).

VISCONTI coaching is based on its own methods developed in-house to meet specific management challenges of the business leader as key decision and action point of his company.


Examples of challenges we work on with business leaders :

VISCONTI has developed and offers innovative professional coaching: leaders coaching leaders. All VISCONTI coaches are or were business leaders who occupied management posts in small and mid-sized companies or large international groups.

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